Comet Boots Episode 1: What Vegetative Injustice

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  The sound might be a bit odd in places: there were a few audio teething issues which hopefully we’ll be able to sort for the next show, bear with us for the moment. Also I noticed I said “Grant Morrison’s X-Men” when talking about Grayson, I meant to say Grant Morrison’s Batman, ofc. SOME COMICS WE TALK ABOUT: The Beano Random X-Men trade paperbacks 2000AD The Private Eye (James has pointed out to me we don’t actually name it, but that’s the BKV/Marcos Martin comic we were talking about) Lots of webcomics 8house Crossed(100) Hitman Transformers vs GI Joe Copra Providence Paper Girls Headlopper Hellboy/BPRD Omega Men We Are Robin

Our Silence! secret origin Paul O’Brien’s review of an issue of Chuck Austen’s X-Men Pictures for Sad Children stuff [update in comments] James’s QC guest strip Garth Ennis interview podcast NoChorus Infinite Longbox article (there were a few but this is my favourite, at least in part because it contains the line “In the case of superheroes the blame, for this and hundreds of other reasons comics have become gross in a very specific smug way, lies between America’s two favourite head-shop employees: Las Vegas entertainer Grant Morrison MBE, and 4chan-mascot-designer/WildC.A.T.S. writer Alan Moore.”) james snyder burn Project Ballad [update in comments] We Are Robin preview

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3 thoughts on “Comet Boots Episode 1: What Vegetative Injustice

  1. Since I just forgot to mention this in recording episode 2, I’ll put the following correction/apology here:

    From Adam’s link above and general googling it seems I accidentally misgendered John Campbell in the podcast, not to mention was generally glib about a complex situation I don’t know enough about to comment on. I’m sorry for both.

    I’m personally gutted all the pictures for sad children comics have been taken down, which I didn’t realise was the case. (I did laugh out loud at what they’ve been replaced with over at, though.)

    Anyway, I’ll endeavour to keep my uninformed ramblings strictly on the topic of comics pages in future.

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