Comet Boots Episode 13: Pizza Cat

2016-01-23 14.23.20

Episode 13, with special guest Hannah K Chapman! Episode 12 ft. a Mindless incursion from Duncan Falconer suffered the dread Audio Issues, so he will be returning for Episode 14. SMASH, which Hannah mentions in this episode, has, due to editing issues, already happened, but we’ll probably talk about it on Episode 14. Also, we refer repeatedly back to Episode 11 in this one so you should probably listen to that first.

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Things that occurred to Adam between recording and posting: I think one of the big reasons I prefer Ms Marvel to Batgirl is that it’s about younger, less “cool” teens rather than uni age/early 20s hipsters, which I think means it can be a bit more genuine/emotionally honest without having to be arch and knowing and hip (which is fine, but can be quite distancing) and stop whatever fun it’s doing to have some “millennials be like” stuff. Also, isn’t that Squirrel Girl bit with Kraven half the gag of a Kate Beaton comic?

Comic Book Slumber Party

Comics and Cola


Jillian Tamaki
New Avengers #5
Fante Bukowski
Jen Wang
Nobrow 17×23 – Golemchik/Cyberrealm/Obsolete
Hellen Jo minicomics – Deep Cut + Jin & Jam no. 1
Squirrel Girl
Ms Marvel
Black Rat – Cole Cossler
Emily Carroll – Meat


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