Comet Boots Episode 15: Big Jeff

2016-02-14 20.18.32

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Special guest Sean returns, to plug his banging techno tunes, and also to talk about:


Fotonovela No 3 Book No 1 – Jorge Simes

The Incal – Jodorowsky/Moebius

Stray Bullets – David Lapham

What do people like about comics digression, inc. reference to the SILENCE! patreon

Treasure Island 1&2 – Connor Willumsen

Hellberta Collected – Michael Comeau

We Can Never Go HomeA guy from a band Sean likes, others

Power Button #0/Ghost Attack – Zack Soto

Windowpane 1&3 – Joe Kessler

Taking Off. Henry My Neighbor – Mariken Wessels

Useful Photography #011 – Erik Kessels

Generous Bosom – Conor Stechschulte

Crickets 3,4,5 – Sammy Harkham

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