Comet Boots Episode 25: Frank Discussions


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Hi guys, been a while, sorry about that. Also, Adam was very tired for this one so might have talked even more rubbish than usual.

Comics we talk about:

Big Pile Of Marvel Stuff:
– Ultimates #7
– FCBD Civil War
– Civil War #0
– Secret Wars (2015) #1-3
DC Rebirth #1
House of Penance #2
Tokyo Ghost vol.1
Grand Larseny: Old Savage Dragons
LitMFl: New Spawns
– Kupala
– Alcathoe and the Giant Girl/
– Light OCD
– Phantom
– Neebo
Frank Discussions: We Need To Talk About Max: Punisher Max #13-18
100 Warriors

 IGN DC Rebirth article

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