Comet Boots Episode 27: Slam Dunc


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With special guest Duncan!



Akira vol 4-5
She-wolf #1
Throwaways #1
The Moth and The Flame
Mias And Elle
Grey Area: From The City To The Sea
Hellcat #6
Totally Awesome Hulk #7
The Secret Voice #3
Transformers vs GI Joe #13
Nighthawk #2
Punisher #3
Dan Slott Spider-Man
Scarlet Witch #1

5 thoughts on “Comet Boots Episode 27: Slam Dunc

  1. Please do a full episode exploring Adam’s bizarre contempt for the well-known haircut “short back and sides” which has been alluded to in several episodes

  2. Regarding Charles Soule…I think you’re a bit uncharitable to him. For the most part he’s indeed been doing run of the mill superhero stories, but he does them with more constant competency and regard for the audience than most other writers. They are a bit better paced, his characters have some motivation, there are moments that establish the baseline situation and the distruption. Don’t think he’s great, but he feels like the adult in the room, like the professional in a industry run by people who mistake their quirks and crutches for style.

    And his Swamp Thing run is really good. Much better than Snyder’s. Helped a lot by the likes of Kano and Jesus Saiz who would make any story read well, but Soule’s doing good work as well.

    • Thanks for listening and commenting, Alin! I don’t think I’ve read any Soule myself, though I have been meaning to get to his She-Hulk – Javier Pulido is excellent.

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