Comet Boots Episode 50: Comet Boots No More!

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Comics We Read:

Marvel Legacy #1
Pope Hats #5
Golden Kamuy vol. 1
Savage Town
The Incredible Hulk #444-445
The Wild Storm #7
Mr Miracle #1
Savage Dragon #225
Elsewhere #1
The Realm #1
Retcon #1
Dark Nights: Metal #1-2
Shortbox, comprising
Barbara (Nicole Miles)
Musings of a Muslim Hipster (Areeba Siddique)
What Is Left (Rosemary V-O)
Hot Summer Nights (Freddie Carrasco)
The Tar Pit (Jeremy Sorese)
Headlopper #7

2 thoughts on “Comet Boots Episode 50: Comet Boots No More!

  1. I am really sorry to hear that Comet Boots ended. I really enjoyed the run. I liked your takes on Alan Moore (the main creator I follow) and enjoyed checking out some comics that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t heard you two discuss them (The Wild Storm, Bulletproof Coffin, Headlopper, and others.) I hope, like most quittin’ heroes you might decide to re-appear at some point. Thanks for the past pods.

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